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This inline controler dimmer switch offers a convenient way to control LED strip lights at a distance.
Choose from 8 levels of brightness, turn lights on or off, or choose a dynamic mode for added effect. Dynamic modes: gradual change, signal light, strobe, breathe, candlelight
Does not require a line of sight between the remote and the controller.
Voltage: 5-24V, Max Load: 12A (144W), Size: 42x12x3mm, Distance: 40 ft.
Bare wire connectors, Retains setting after power loss

Pairing Instructions:
The remote may need to be paired to the controller before first use.  Connect the controller to a power source and to the LED strip, then press Speed + and Power simultaneously.  The remote will pair with any controllers within range which will now respond to the remote.  Multiple controllers can respond to a single remote, so if you wish to use multiple controllers independently you must first unplug the power from all of the controllers except for the one that you wish to pair.  If it fails to pair then try using Speed + and Speed – simultaneously instead.

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